Sunday, February 19, 2006

Anti-Cartoon Crusaders Conquer New Lands 

From New York Times, Saturady Feb. 18, 2006:
MOSCOW, Feb. 17 - In a controversy with echoes of the Islamic anger over Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, the authorities in a central Russian city on Friday ordered the closing of a newspaper that published a cartoon showing Muhammad, along with Jesus, Moses and Buddaha.

The cartoon, published Feb. 9 in the official city newspaper in Volgograd, prompted some criticism and a federal criminal investigation, but no public outrage. That may be in large part, because it depicted the figures respectfully, renouncing violence, despite the fact that Islamic teachings forbid any depiction of Muhammad.

"Well, we did not teach them that," Moses says in the cartoon as the four watch a television set showing two groups confronting each other with banners and clubs and hurtling stones. The cartoon accompanied an article on an agreement signed by regional political parties and organizations to combat nationalism, xenophobia and religious conflicts. ( New Cartoon Showing Muhammad Prompts the Closing of a Russian Paper )

Similarly, I ask each and every one of you (hopefully a screeching hooting mob) to join me in a crusade to close down the cartoonish web site of General JC Christian.

"Satire" is no defense of blasphemey! Preferably the infidel "patriotboy" should be stoned to death in the public square as soon as possible. However, being a law abiding citizen of a god fearing Christian Nation, I will leave such final solutions up to a supreme court of God's Law. Overseen, I pray, by Judge Roy Moore and the spirit of the great Christian scholar, radical cleric, and philosopher, one Roush Rushdoony.

In any event: the "General" publishes a website of abominations so unapologetically offensive to real Christians and the prophet Jesus Christ (praise be unto him) that I can barely bring myself to finish typing this post without soaking the front of my David Barton for President 2008 t-shirt in salty tears, vomiting into my glass of blessed Kentucky bourbon, and flinging myself out the window and into a tangle of witch hazel encroaching on my personal cultural foundation.

Death to Patriotboy!

Ok... wait a minute... fudge! Window frozen shut. The Lord works in mysterious ways. So I'll have to wait to martyr myself on behalf of pious self-righteous indignation until the next thaw. In the meantime...

Interesting perspective and ensuing comments thread at The Arabist (Issandr El Amrani):
Danish cartoons: the Egyptian angle
I’ve been reticent to comment on the Danish cartoon issue. I’ve seen them (via American right-wing blogs, which are predictably having a field day over the issue) and think most of them are not offensive, although one or two definitely is. I certainly don’t think non-Muslims are in any way obliged to respect the Muslim tradition of not depicting the prophet (or God, for that matter). And, on freedom of expression grounds, I think the Danish newspaper can do what it wants within the limits of national law there. Only after reading a little bit more into it did I realize that, by organizing a competition for the cartoons, the newspaper was engaged in a shameless publicity coup that was tantamount to inciting Islamophobia and needlessly encouraged people to draw provocative, or insulting, pictures. I am more depressed, however, by the street protests, raids into the EU delegation in Palestine, and general agitation this is causing, which is rather pointless and self-defeating. The Danish cartoons, by the way, generated a little debate here at the Al Jazeera Forum on cultural values and journalistic codes of ethics.

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