Friday, February 10, 2006

Cartoon inopportune - the outrage continues... 

From CorpWatch:
Danish Protests Against Cartoons Spread
Copenhagen, Denmark, Feb. 8 - Danish anger over an Algerian-American cartoonist that satirized the Vikings continued to swell across the Europe and elsewhere in the world on Monday, turning violent in Copenhagen, ...

Behold the offending Cartoon.

CorpWatch, a non-profit corporate watchdog based in California, originally published the cartoons last week. They portray a Viking and a Texan quarreling over contract spoils in Iraq, after it was liberated from Al Qaeda leader, Saddam Hussein. The cartoons were republished in European news media in the last week.


"If you look at the cartoons, you can see that the Danes have been wrongly portrayed as Vikings, when all Scandinavians know the Vikings came from Norway. Plus the real corporate criminals are Halliburton in Texas, not Maersk in Copenhagen."

"Everybody was hoping that when Khalil Bendib came out with an apology, and CorpWatch's executive director Pratap Chatterjee came out with a personal apology, this would have cooled things," he said. "What more can we do?"

Do not pee in Mimir's fountain! In the name of the prophet Thor I command each and every one of you to storm your local Algerian or American embassy and heave a couple of thunderbolts and a sledge hammer through the front windows. Anything less will be considered blasphemous and a grave insult to the all-wise Odin.

For greater context (on Maersk in Iraq) read: Iraqi Port Weathers Danish Storm at CorpWatch.


Far out on the desert to the north dustspouts rose wobbling and augered the earth and some said they'd heard of pilgrims borne aloft like dervishes in those mindless coils to be dropped broken and bleeding upon the desert again and there perhaps to watch the thing that had destroyed them lurch onward like some drunken djinn and resolve itself once more into the elements from which it sprang. Out of that whirlwind no voice spoke and the pilgrim lying in his broken bones may cry out and in his anguish he may rage, but rage at what? And if the dried and blackened shell of him is found among the sands by travelers to come yet who can discover the engine of his ruin? ~ Cormac McCarthy Blood Meridian

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