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Genocide: i find it insulting 


"In Sudan, protests at the cartoons attracted as many as 15,000 people. Politicians then led the crowds in a march on the United Nations offices in Khartoum and called for holy war against any move to send a UN force to Sudan's war-ravaged Darfur region." ~ America backs Muslims over cartoons as thousands voice anger worldwide
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Current Situation
Nearly three years into the crisis, the western Sudanese region of Darfur is acknowledged to be a humanitarian and human rights tragedy of the first order. The humanitarian, security and political situation continue to deteriorate: atrocities continue, people are still dying in large numbers of malnutrition and disease, and a new famine is feared. According to reports by the World Food Program, the United Nations and the Coalition for International Justice, 3.5 million people are now hungry, 2.5 million have been displaced due to violence, and 400,000 people have died in Darfur thus far. The international community is failing to protect civilians or to influence the Sudanese government to do so.

The international community is deeply divided -- perhaps paralyzed -- over what to do next in Darfur. The UN Commission of Inquiry on Darfur described the massive scope of atrocities carried out in the territory, primarily by the government and its allied Janjaweed militias. And the situation on the ground shows a number of negative trends, which have been developing since the last quarter of 2004: deteriorating security; a credible threat of famine; mounting civilian casualties; the ceasefire in shambles; increasing tensions between Sudan and Chad; and new armed movements appearing in Darfur and neighboring states. Chaos and a culture of impunity are taking root in the region.

Pardon me for a moment if I interupt all the seething rage and holier than thou hurrumphing over the Great Islamophobic Danish Cartoon Scare of 2006 - but - how come none of the assorted vice and virtue commandos bewailing the horrors of a free and blasphemous press and demanding the heads of editors and editorial contributors for perceived graven slights to some symbolic representation some GloboProphet International religious cartel aren't clamouring into the streets to demand justice for nearly a half million human beings - fellow Muslim faithful no less and part of the GloboProphet Internationl family itself - and their surviving multitudes waiting to be slaughtered or starved or simply ground up as so much meat in a Sudanese sausage machine. Like so many Haj ritual sheep slaughtered in the desert as a sacrifice to Allah.

Where are all the grand wizards of Mecca and their assorted holy rollers, rabble rousers and Koran thumping cartoon avengers when it comes to denouncing the "clash of civilizations" catastrophe in western Sudan? The genocide in Darfur.

One might think some incensed hot-foot or another could at least take a break from all the fuming and gnashing and stomping and general angry Muslim Street theater of late to slip away for half an hour or so to at least shake a pointy stick at the Sudanese embassy; or something. Assuming there are any Sudanese embassies laying around to shake a stick at. Don't try that stick shaking stunt in Khartoum though. You'll be snatched out of your sneakers by some Islamic theocracy brownshirt and your head will deposited in the lap of Allah faster than you can say praise be unto him.

How's that for insulting. You think insulting cartoons demand a fatal retort? Try insulting the blood thirsty killing machine in Khartoum.

Buried under volcanic ash:
Perhaps Danish Imam Ahmed Abu Laban and his traveling troupe of excitable art critics would care to visit Egypt and Syria and Lebanon on behalf of the victims of the genocide in Darfur. Impress some of us with their concerns for genuine insult, injury and human indignity. Help improve the "West's" understanding of Muslim values...:
COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- The most prominent Islamic leader in a network blamed by Danes for the global uproar over Prophet Muhammad caricatures condemned the violence Friday but said the conflict has improved the West's understanding of Muslim values.

"The volcano was inside," Ahmed Abu Laban, a Palestinian immigrant to Denmark, said at a mosque in Copenhagen. "Now it's erupting, and after the volcano there will be peace again." Wa Po

Oh well sure. No hurry Ahmed. Finish your danish pastry first. By all means.
In Sudan, protests at the cartoons attracted as many as 15,000 people. Politicians then led the crowds in a march on the United Nations offices in Khartoum and called for holy war against any move to send a UN force to Sudan's war-ravaged Darfur region.

Amazing isn't it? Some might even consider it blasphemous. Even an offensive insult before God and civilized man. That nearly half a million African Muslims have been slaughtered and thousands of women raped and thousands more are likely awaiting the same fate should the elitist Islamic State sponsored gestapo in Khartoum and their homicidal Janjawiid camel jockeys in the Darfur region continue to wage their blood splattered "holy war" in the name of the celebrated Prophet Muhammad.

One might think that anyway. Once one has recovered from the swooning insultive perjorative "camel jockeys" and the wrath of indignities visited upon humankind by cruel and vicious Danish art school assasins.

By the way, Janjaweed translates more or less to "Devils on horseback" or "evil men on horseback." Not that any of that ugly misshapen cruelty should disturb the delicate sensibilities of any of the Qutb-Arabist Islamic fundamentalist faithful. Heavens no:
The border area south of Adré became more vulnerable to militia attacks following a December 18, 2005 attack on Adré by Chadian rebels opposed to the government in N’Djamena. The Chadian rebels operate from bases in Darfur and are allegedly supported by the Sudanese government. The attack on Adré prompted the Chadian government to redeploy its forces away from border villages south of the town, leaving large areas at the mercy of uniformed militiamen riding horses and camels who have attacked and looted dozens of villages in the past six weeks.

4 See: Darfur: New Attacks in Chad Documented | Cross-Border Raids Threaten Thousands of Civilians

CHAD: Go west young man. Cut a swath of genocidal murder and mayhem across north Africa. From the Red Sea to the Atlantic ocean. From sea to shining sea. Sudan to Chad to Nigeria. Cut northern Africa in half on behalf of Muhammed (praise be unto him):
Human Rights Watch researchers documented numerous cross-border attacks on Chadian villages along the border between Adré, Adé, and Modoyna in eastern Chad since early December 2005. Most of the attacks were by Sudanese and Chadian militiamen from Darfur, some with apparent Sudanese government backing, including helicopter gunship support.

Tens of thousands of people are now displaced internally within Chad by the violence. Most of the victims are from the Dajo and Masalit ethnic groups, which live on both sides of the international border. Chadian Arabs living in the same area appear to enjoy immunity from attack, although some have left their homes and taken refuge in Sudan, apparently for fear of reprisals.

Human Rights Watch also documented a new influx into Chad of refugees from Darfur, people already displaced by attacks in Darfur in 2003 who had been living in the Mornei and Misterei camps in West Darfur. Many of these people said that they fled to Chad to escape continuing attacks on the camp residents by the Sudanese government-sponsored Janjaweed militia.


"Security in Eastern Chad and West Darfur are closely interconnected. If no preventive action is taken it may only be a matter of time before the refugee camps in Chad are also threatened," said Takirambudde. "The Security Council must act at once to prevent more Chadian civilians from suffering the nightmare next door." (See HRW link above for complete report.)

So, If the worst horror that befalls you in the coming months is some so called "insult" from some cranky cartoonist in Copenhagen consider yourself a very lucky soul indeed. And that goes for you too Imam Ahmed Abu Laban. Consider this post an opportunity for you to understand the "values" of at least one member of the "West". One little cranky cartoonlike peep in the western wilderness. You want to protest something? You want to send a few thousand of your angry devoted flock into the streets to protest a real insult. A real live living breathing bleeding blasphemy against God and Islam and and just about any "values" you can poke your finger at? Well, asshole, here's your chance:

Rally To Stop Genocide

JUST ANNOUNCED! Join our rally in Washington, DC on April 30th, 2006.

The Rally to Stop Genocide will feature a broad spectrum of prominent political figures, faith leaders, human rights activists, entertainers, journalists and thousands of others who support a stronger multi-national force to protect the civilians of Darfur. Take action, be involved. Please sign up to participate so we can share resources and tools for you to activate your community. Event details, program, speakers and other bulletins are coming VERY SOON!




Far out on the desert to the north dustspouts rose wobbling and augered the earth and some said they'd heard of pilgrims borne aloft like dervishes in those mindless coils to be dropped broken and bleeding upon the desert again and there perhaps to watch the thing that had destroyed them lurch onward like some drunken djinn and resolve itself once more into the elements from which it sprang. Out of that whirlwind no voice spoke and the pilgrim lying in his broken bones may cry out and in his anguish he may rage, but rage at what? And if the dried and blackened shell of him is found among the sands by travelers to come yet who can discover the engine of his ruin? ~ Cormac McCarthy Blood Meridian

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