Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Batten down the booby hatch! 

katherine harrisFlorida Rep. and GOP "sweater girl" Katherine Harris gets tough on immigration -- or is that emigration? -- anyway....

From TPM Muckraker:
We noted in this a.m.'s Daily Muck that Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) changed all the locks on the doors of her Senate campaign's Tampa HQ, and posted a security guard at the entrance. Roll Call's Heard on the Hill has this quote, from an unnamed former aide:
"She's so crazy she can't figure out that people aren't trying to get in, they're trying to get out!"

We'd only note that news accounts don't say on which side of the office door Harris posted the guard.

Too funny.



Far out on the desert to the north dustspouts rose wobbling and augered the earth and some said they'd heard of pilgrims borne aloft like dervishes in those mindless coils to be dropped broken and bleeding upon the desert again and there perhaps to watch the thing that had destroyed them lurch onward like some drunken djinn and resolve itself once more into the elements from which it sprang. Out of that whirlwind no voice spoke and the pilgrim lying in his broken bones may cry out and in his anguish he may rage, but rage at what? And if the dried and blackened shell of him is found among the sands by travelers to come yet who can discover the engine of his ruin? ~ Cormac McCarthy Blood Meridian

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